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Change happens (and that’s good!)

The calendar turns, the cycle continues…things change, and things are familiar.

At school’s opening in early September, I had the opportunity to greet our district’s faculty and staff on their first day back from summer vacation. We welcomed new members to our learning community, and recognized with gratitude the decades of service that others have provided.

And I realized, with some angst and awe, that, as my youngest has moved on to the next phase of his life after his High School graduation in June, this was the first Back-to-School week that I haven’t had a child going back to school in almost two decades! While this hardly seems possible, since neither I nor my wife have aged a day since the chil’uns were born, it does, indeed, seem to be true. While he’s always close-in-mind, he’s nowhere in sight!

Yet, despite this change, there remains the familiar. The cats are still hanging around, doing their part to control the rodent and bird populations. We both still get up and try to make some type of meaningful contribution at work each day. Oh, and Number One son, fresh off his college graduation, has been spotted around these parts again, providing some continuity of lineage in the house, if for ever-briefer moments.

So, it has always been and will always be: things change, but we’re not left with nuthin’. What has ended, is over, and will never be again. For some, the ending creates hopelessness or a longing for the past; for others, it could be excitement and possibility for the future. In dealing with change, attitude is altitude! Change causes us to look afresh at not just what we do and how we do it, but who we are.

Looking for the opportunities that change can bring, the fresh perspectives and re-creations that it offers, we can find sustenance and renewal, energy and excitement. We have the opportunity to reinvent and refresh ourselves and our institutions, to help us and them become what we want to be.

As we move into the new school year, the district moves forward with ideas and initiatives to sustain and improve the opportunities for our students and our community. I’m excited to continue to work with an incredible group of committed volunteers and staff on your behalf, for our community’s future and our children’s futures.

3 Responses to “Change happens (and that’s good!)”

  1. Your latest column is a wonderful reminder that while change is all around us, some things remain consistent: you’re still contributing to the various communities which have gained so much from your efforts. Hope to see you again face to face, in action, in one of those communities where our efforts overlap.

  2. Ken Steiger says:

    Thanks, Paul. I hope to get to ALC and see you there!

  3. Bob Zimel says:

    Ken: Thanks for making me realize that I too am aging. Wait – that was not the point right?

    You did a super job of telling the story that I can relate to, as my (only child) daughter is a senior. We are enjoying the process of college searching even more than she is (chuckle chuckle).

    Having a good perspective goes a long way, and I always welcome the opportunity to read your post as you share your perspective.

    So you are “empty nesters” now?

    Hope to see you at ALC, too.

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