"The customer and colleagues were very impressed with Ken’s coaching style and facilitation skills. This led me to continue to use Ken for internal development of programs, coaching of leaders and facilitation of training programs."

Jeanette M. Frigo – Pfizer Global Research and Development

"Ken takes a very hands-on approach to his work. He got to know each of the 20 employees here at Visual Technologies and this created a very good working/training environment…I highly recommend Ken Steiger and Steiger Training & Development to anyone looking to create a better work environment through better trained employees"

David J Foor – President, Visual Technologies Corporation

"What sets Ken apart is his practical, bottom-line approach. He brings a pragmatic focus to applying theory, focusing on what works to help people achieve results for themselves and for our business."

Michael J. Chewens – Senior Executive VP, NBT Bankcorp Inc.

"In his role as consultant/facilitator, Ken Steiger has to be given much credit for his significant contributions to the improvements that have occurred."

Jerome F. Melvin Ph.D – Superintendent of Schools