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Giving Thanks

One of my favorite authors is John Maxwell. The son of a pastor and a former preacher himself, he’s written prolifically on the subject of leadership–and life. I subscribe to a free service he offers, called “A Moment with Maxwell,” which has sort of morphed into his “Word of the Day.” It’s with that inspiration that I offer this first–and, likely, last–”Steiger’s Word of the Month.” And the word for this month is Gratitude. As in giving appreciation and recognition.

I wanted to take a moment, as we move into and through the holiday season and hurtle towards the end of 2012 (and, perhaps, the end of the world, depending on the calendar and political persuasion to which you subscribe), to say, “Thanks.”

Of course, it’s always risky to single out a few and miss the many. But I especially want to publicly note what a few groups and individuals have done to go above and beyond in providing opportunities for students that wouldn’t have happened without them. So, thanks to:

  • the Tully Elementary School PTO for tireless efforts to raise money and provide support to our elementary teachers and students. Most recently, the PTO was able to raise enough money to purchase and donate two Smartboards to enhance learning opportunities for children in this building.
  • community members who have volunteered their skills and time to allow programs to continue, such as Steve Davenport for coaching the golf team; (Mary/Kraig: who else?)
  • faculty who have pursued special funding and grants to provide opportunities we couldn’t otherwise offer, such as Mary Podsiedlik, who championed an effort that resulted in nearly $300,000 in funding over the next five years to provide an enrichment program for our students in K – 7; Derek Hill, who obtained a $10,000 grant to provide state-of-the-art welding equipment to train students in our Ag Mechanics course which will prepare them to pursue high-demand career opportunities; and (Mary/Kraig: who else?)
  • numerous individuals who have stepped up with financial and in-kind financial contributions to support Tully’s programs, such as the golf team, the indoor track team, and (Mary/Kraig: what else?)

I’m certain that I could name more folks for their specific efforts, time, and dollars that have helped us “keep on keepin’ on,” and apologize for any oversights and omissions. To the faculty, staff, and administration who “keep the trains running on schedule every day” through your day-to-day efforts to give your best to support our community and kids, ya know I love ya! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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