30.12.2011 Musings from a School Board Member No Comments

Musings from a school board member

I’ve served as a local school board member in Central New York since July 2001, as president of the Onondaga-Madison School Boards Association since September 2008, and as president of my local district, in Tully, NY, since July 2010. Each month, I offer an essay, of sorts, to the local community, sharing my musings, thoughts, concerns, and hopes in our district’s newsletter. It’s been positively received, and I wanted to share it in this forum as a way to reflect on the specific challenges and opportunities of our public educational system, and on the larger issues of leadership and learning.

The district’s newsletter is published ten times per year on the first of each month except January and July. I’ll share my monthly column on this blog when it’s published.

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