We can design surveys to help you assess your organizational culture and climate, strategic process, team performance, and leadership performance, among other key business factors. In addition, we use the leading style assessment in the industry, the Social Style profile by the TRACOM group. This dynamic instrument provides insight and development for leaders, managers, and employees at all levels throughout the organization through an online survey that produces three informative, and actionable, reports.


We provide two main areas of coaching for our clients (in addition to training managers as coaches). These are Coaching in Support of Training and Executive Coaching.


We take a consultative approach to working with you, so consulting is embedded in all our interactions and designed solutions. But we also can provide consulting services to assist you in areas such as organizational and team development, strategic planning and implementation, managing change, and leadership development.

Social Style

What’s the key to business success? More than a great product, a unique angle or a winning strategy, successful businesses begin with successful individuals and teams.

We all know people are not as easy to manage as projects. They’re complex. Diverse. Prone to conflict. So what’s the secret? Equip your people to understand each other’s behaviors, and they will be better able to work effectively together, creating a high performance workplace.

Thousands of organizations and millions of people have used SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility to improve workplace performance.

High Performance Training Programs

Our training programs cover a wide array of leadership, management, supervisory, sales, customer service, team leadership, and team member skills. All our training is modularized, which means that we can mix and match content from our large selection of programs to custom-design a unique solution for your training needs, if that’s where the problem is. You get custom training without the high cost and long development times other training firms will charge you to develop a new course.