Customized Coaching Programs

Each coaching relationship is unique, and so each coaching program is uniquely developed based on the individual needs of the client and his or her organization. Our coaching work is about being a partner with you in a process that will tap into your individual genius, intuition, and personal insights.

The values that are the heart of coaching are authenticity, fairness, mutual influence, and respect. Innovative thinking and informed risk-taking are fundamental elements in creating successful outcomes. You’ll be challenged to transform “either/or” dilemmas into “both/and” solutions. You’ll receive feedback, support, and ideas, but you must do the work and take responsibility for the results. This is critical to the success of the process.

Executive Coaching

Within corporations, everyone is expected to do more with less, plus do it faster and better than ever before. The more successful you are, the more likely it is that you can benefit from a coaching relationship. Olympic athletes, professional baseball players, tennis stars, and champion golfers continue to use a personal coach throughout their careers to help guide them or get them back on track. Executives, managers and individual contributors have discovered the value of a “personal coach” to help them face the ever-increasing challenges of today’s business environment.

Seeking the help of an Executive Coach is important when:

  • you’re looking for ways to increase your fulfillment at work and to find greater meaning in your life
  • your career seems to be stalled or veering in a direction which you do not choose
  • the “way you’ve always done it” no longer works
  • your relationships with coworkers are less than satisfying (e.g., lack of cooperation or results from peers and direct reports, feelings of hostility, difficulty giving or receiving feedback, etc.), or you are struggling with organizational politics and need more effective ways of communicating and/or influencing others

As an Executive Coach, I can help you:

    • fine-tune your performance and productivity-to get the results you want
    • identify and tap into the unique value that you bring to your organization
    • become a more effective leader through developing strong leadership and management skills
    • develop the skills and focus necessary to create an integrated life/work balance that is meaningful for you by helping you look at the “whole” you.

Coaching sessions typically are held weekly over a six- to eighteen-month period, with phone support available whenever it’s desired.

Coaching in Support of Training

The goal of any corporate training program is to achieve results on the job. A personalized coaching program developed in support of your training is the most effective way to facilitate transfer from a workshop to the workplace, and thereby improve the likelihood of on-the-job performance in support of the organization’s and the department’s business goals.

A typical coaching program will follow a training session, and will include job-site observation during a portion of your business day. Feedback regarding your skill use in your interactions throughout the observation period will target what’s working effectively and what’s not. We’ll discuss what’s happening as you work to integrate your new skills with your existing capabilities, we’ll discuss and role-play options to reinforce and improve your skill use in subsequent individual and team situations you will likely face, and we’ll develop an action plan together.

Coaching sessions typically are held bi-weekly over a one- to three-month period, with additional phone support available whenever it’s desired.