Leadership Communication Skills for High Performance

The numerous modules that comprise the Leadership Communication Skills curriculum can be combined in numerous ways for all levels of management and supervision. Most of them are presented as half-day programs, and can be customized for a specific department or work group. All the modules emphasize hands-on practice and back-at-work application. These are not “survey” courses presenting an overview of a topic. Each session presents a model for a particular aspect of leadership communication that participants will have extensive opportunity to practice during the session.

Selling Skills

Selling is communication. In a competitive industry, differentiating yourself on price alone will handicap your company’s performance. People often make buying decisions based on how a salesperson treats them, how well a salesperson understands their needs, and how persuasively a salesperson positions solutions to satisfy those needs.

Customer Service Skills

Customers for Life. This series of two-hour programs takes the core communication skills and applies them to the customer service environment in a way that doesn’t take your CSRs out of it for very long.

Leading Teams for High Performance

Gaining Group Agreement. Influencing an individual is one thing; getting a commitment from a collection of individuals in a team is quite another. Competing interests. Personality clashes. Bad experiences in previous team meetings. All compound and complicate the dynamic present in the group setting.

High Performance Skills for Team Members

Self-directed work groups. Ad hoc project teams. Cross-functional leadership groups. The old hierarchy of top-down management has given way to new structures. Organizations have realigned and redeployed their employees in many ways in order to unleash the skill, commitment, energy, and creativity of their greatest resource, their human resource. Employees need new skills to function effectively in this “new world order” that doesn’t have a centralized source of power that provides control and direction, and the High Performance Skills series provides them.