Social Style

Have you ever noticed how well you “click” when working with some people, yet with others, you just can’t figure out how to work together without “triggering” each other? It takes a lot of effort to get even relatively simple things done. They work at a different pace than you do. They make decisions very differently than you do, either taking a lot of time to get all the possible information that’s out there on a subject or to check in with everyone and their “Aunt Sally” for their opinion, or just seeming to fly off and start acting before considering the impact of what they’re doing, which can cause re-work and frustration in the organization. They don’t participate in meetings the same way as you do, either talking all the time or hardly speaking at all. They can seem cold and indifferent to you, or else they’re the classic “glad-handers” who seem to be all style and no substance. Whatever it is, it can be grating and very stressful for you to work with them on a project or assignment. You might be able to get some things accomplished when you really have to, but it’s often stressful, as though there’s an undercurrent of tension between you.

Social Style is the world’s most effective interpersonal effectiveness model. It is easy to understand and apply which means individuals and organizations can quickly improve productivity simply by understanding the four Social Styles: Driving, Expressive, Amiable and Analytical. In fact, recent independent research found Social Style more effective than Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and DiSC.

The Social Style model is similar to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator or DiSC in that people gain insight from the self-knowledge they get from learning about and understanding the concepts. But this model is different in that it reports external, observable behaviors based on the feedback from the people you work with, versus a profile developed only from a self-assessment. This feedback provides a very different perspective that can be a potent source of information for development, and reports provide specific strategies and actions you can take to use this style knowledge on the job.


Social Style Authorized Reseller

Steiger Training & Development is proud to be an Authorized Reseller of Social Style products and provides training, coaching, and consulting to help organizations improve performance, productivity, and profitability by applying Social Style in their business.